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How to develop a sales strategy aligned with customer needs: Insights from Shell’s Former Global Sales Excellence Lead

In this article, Scott McInnes, Former Global Sales Excellence Lead at Shell,  shares the strategies that sales leaders can use to redesign internal processes so they align with their overall sales vision and why keeping things simple for customers will ultimately lead to sales success.

Redesigning the sales function at SAP to deliver exceptional CX

In this article, Marc Havercroft, VP Cloud Strategy/COO at SAP shares how his team is becoming more successful in customer centricity and designing sales operations to better enhance the overall customer experience.

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Five Strategies for Improving Sales Performance

You’ve just introduced the latest sales targets to your sales team.  Sure the targets seemed a little aggressive, but achievement isn’t as sweet without a challenge.  Just keep in mind that although you may be ready to take your sales objectives to the next level, your sales team may not be ready.

Those responsible for a sales team have their own unique way of managing and leading, yet most have challenges when it comes to keeping their teams focused and motivated.  If you want to build a proactive, results-oriented sales team that achieves top sales results, consider implementing these five strategies.

Six steps to transform your marketing and sales capabilities

More than two-thirds of traditional commercial transformations fail. Here’s an approach to upgrading your marketing, sales, and pricing capabilities that works.